It is well know that Edinburgh and London Sightlines are protected.

Less well known is lovely Eilidh’s lantern, which will warm with or without a glass of #Jura.

The tune is that great german import to London (well known for recycling a great tune) Haendel.

The Opera is Orlando and the Aria, rather fitting.

In Italian

Aria di Orlando
Già l’ebro mio ciglio
Quel dolce liquore
Invita a posar.
Tu perfido amore
Volando o scherzando
Non farmi destar

Loosely translated:

Intoxicated with the draught
of this pure liquor I have quaffed
I feel its influences now
lull to soft sleep my languid brow
And though, perfidious love, no more,
with all thy wanton wiles in store.

An attractive rendition by Christopher Hogwood and the Academy of Ancient Music, who are gratefully acknowledged (and thanked for god knows how many 1000s of hours of pure hedonistic pleasure).